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Fernando Machado de Simas
Illustrious Journalist

His great-uncle was the illustrious journalist Fernando Machado de Simas, after the course of Humanities, graduated in Pharmacy by the Faculty of Rio de Janeiro. He exercised his profession in Antonina, later going to Paranaguá. In 1887 he moved to Petrópolis and then to Rio de Janeiro. Always established with a pharmacy, he gained enormous professional prestige.

He returned to Paranaguá to intensify the campaign for Abolition and the Republic. He occupied the leadership positions of this movement on the coast. He founded the newspaper Livre Paraná, an organ that fights for these two noble causes. He hurled against the dominant politics with rare courage. He responded to a noisy political process, from which he was acquitted. Even so, he deepened his performance in militancy. His articles contained such a force of expression, condorous beauty and singular naughtiness that, inevitably, they would exert a powerful influence on the popular spirit. 

In 1887, he set up the Republican Club of Paranaguá, together with other comrades, and remained in the revolutionary movement until the new regime was established, for which he had given so much of himself. 

Of his illustrious descendants, it is important to highlight the figure of Hugo Simas, his son, who would become one of the greatest Brazilian jurists, first occupant of Chair 23 of this Academy. Victorious the two movements, Fernando Simas was elected federal deputy to the Constituent Republican of 1891. 

Liberal par excellence, he later joined the Civilist Campaign of Rui Barbosa. He returned to the columns of the press to give to the vacillating youth and old age indecisive the example of his civic perseverance. A pioneer of propaganda, he never died of the ideal of the past, preserving it, in truth, more revitalized as he saw the Republic put at risk. He anticipated the predictions of others, becoming a model of Republican politician. He was married to Helena Gutierrez de Simas, the niece of Comendador Correia Junior. Strong, liberal spirit, tireless fighter. Severe and energetic, cut out for the struggles for the benefit of the homeland and its fellow men.

Talented and of firm conviction. A man who never bowed to partisan conveniences. Attacked by his adversaries, he never hit, thanks to his uprightness of character and fortitude of spirit. Given his great preparation in Physics, Chemistry and Botany, he was appointed assistant to the Botanical Garden of Rio de Janeiro, where he died on September 17, 1916.


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