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Judge Hugo Gutierrez Simas

His great-uncle was one of the most famous jurists in Brazil, the most excellent and illustrious judge HUGO GUTIERREZ SIMAS.

In 1911 he was appointed public prosecutor of Antonina. He also held the position in Palmeira and Rio Negro. In 1912 he left, by decree, the Public Ministry, to teach Portuguese at the Curitiba Normal School, where he later taught pedagogy. He was also a professor of logic, history of literature, philosophy and natural history at the Ginásio Paranaense, also in the capital of Paraná, at the same time that he was a member of the State Legislative Congress. He was the first professor of political economy at the University of Paraná and the first librarian since December 19, 1912. During the 1920s, he was a legal consultant and lawyer in the then Brazilian capital, Rio de Janeiro.

Back in Paraná, he taught the disciplines of constitutional law, legal encyclopedia, international law and commercial law at the University of Paraná. In law, he was known for his focus on maritime law and civil procedural law and also for fighting for the humanization of the law.

In 1932, he was appointed to the position of attorney general of the State. On March 31, 1933 he was appointed Judge of the Court of Appeal, having held the vice-presidency of what we now know as the Court of Justice of Paraná during the management of the Clotário de Macedo Portugal (1933/1946), from 1933 to 1940. He was also president of the Regional Electoral Court, a position he assumed in 1937.

As a journalist, he wrote texts for the "Diário da Tarde" and for the "Comércio do Paraná". He also wrote several books and participated in the Center of Letters and the Academy of Letters of Paraná.

He died in Rio de Janeiro, on October 27, 1941, where he was to treat his health. Shortly before his death, he delivered to the federal government, upon request, the Organic Law of Transportation.

He is the patron of the Ibaiti Forum and lends his name to the library of the Court of Justice of Paraná and to the Academic Center of the Law School of UFPR.

He was the 1st Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Paraná, from 01/25/1941 to probably July/August 1941, his brother was FRANCISCO THIMOTEO DE SIMAS, Grand Master from 10/2928 to 11/05/1928, the Great State East of Paraná, for being President of the State Legislative Assembly.


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