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Nobleman of the Royal House
Duarte Galvão 

Nominated by D. Afonso V, chronicler of the Kingdom by death of Fernão Lopes 1460

Ambassador to Emperor Maximilian I of the Holy Roman Empire, King Louis XII of France and Pope Alexander VI

Secretary of D. Afonso V, member of the council during the reigns of D. Joao II and D. Manuel I 1464

Alcaide mor de Leiria p or marriage dowry with Catarina de Sousa de Albuquerque 1464

Deed of sale Alcaidaria to the 1 Marquês de Vila Real 1486

Marriage to: Catarina ( Isabel ) de Sousa de Albuquerque 9 de jun de 1486

Author of the Chronica of the Very High and Very Enlightened Prince D. Afonso Henriques, First King of Portugal From 1505

Ambassador sent to Ethiopia to accompany the return of Matthew, Queen Helena's emissary to King Manuel 1515

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