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Rollo Duke of Normandy

Rollo (Norman: Rou; Old Norse: Hrólfr; French: Rollon; c. 860 – c. 930 AD) was a Viking who became the first ruler of Normandy, a region in northern France. He emerged as the outstanding warrior among the Norsemen who had secured a permanent foothold on Frankish soil in the valley of the lower Seine. After the Siege of Chartres in 911, Charles the Simple, the king of West Francia, gifted them lands between the mouth of the Seine and what is now Rouen in exchange for Rollo agreeing to end his brigandage, swearing allegiance to him, religious conversion and a pledge to defend the Seine's estuary from Viking raiders.

Rollo is first recorded as the leader of these Viking settlers in a charter of 918, and he continued to reign over the region of Normandy until at least 928. He was succeeded by his son William Longsword in the Duchy of Normandy that he had founded. The offspring of Rollo and his followers through their intermingling with the indigenous Frankish and Gallo-Roman population of the lands they settled became known as the "Normans". After the Norman conquest of England and their conquest of southern Italy and Sicily over the following two centuries, their descendants came to rule Norman England (the House of Normandy), much of the island of Ireland, the Kingdom of Sicily (the Kings of Sicily) and the Principality of Antioch from the 10th to 12th century, leaving behind an enduring legacy in the histories of Europe and the Near East.

Fornjot "The Ancient Giant", King of Kvenland 
→ Kari ''Wind'' Fornjotsson, Myth King of Kvenland
his son → Frosti / Jøkull Karasson, King of Kvenland
his son → Snær Jokulsson, Myth King of Kvenland
his son → Thorri Snærsson, Myth king of Kvenland
his son → Gor Thorrasson, Sea King
his son → Heytir (Heiti) Gorrsson, Sea King
his son → Svidri Heytsson
his son → Halfdan "Gamle" Sveidasson
his son → Ivar Halfdansson, Opplendingejarl
his son → Eystein Ivarsson «the Noisy» Glumra
his son → Ragnvald Eysteinsson, Earl of Møre
his son → Gange-Hrólfr 'Rollo' of Normandy
his son → William "Longsword"
his son → Richard I, 'The Fearless', Duke of Normandy
his son → Richard II "the Good", Duke of Normandy
his son → Robert I "the Magnificent", Duke of Normandy
his son → William "The Conqueror", King of England
his son → Henry I "Beauclerc", King of England 

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